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  • / Wednesday, 5 May 2021
  Sleep is one of the most important activities in human life. Quality and enough sleep can strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, and prolong life. Based on this fact, the comfort of sleep certainly needs to be considered, in order t... Read More
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  • / Thursday, 15 October 2020
  Serta® launched the newest mattress collection which was conducted live virtually, at Sutera Hall, Mall Alam Sutera, Tangerang, on Thursday, 15 October 2020. The launch event was attended by 200 DAP dealers and media from 16 cities in I... Read More
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  • / Monday, 3 August 2020
The development of consumer needs in the New Normal phase during this time of the pandemic, which requires any products to be hygienic and clean without reducing their quality, contributes to the development of mattress technology in the world, inc... Read More
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  • / Sunday, 20 January 2013
Throughout 2013, Serta&® had been supporting Bike to Work (B2W) campaign activities at Car Free Day events along the Sudirman-Thamrin road. Serta&® and B2W have identical vision and mission, which would like to encourage people of th... Read More