Providing 5-star comfort for the hospitality industry

A good hotel provides the very best sleeping experience, and the most important factors are comfortable mattresses and its capability to reenergize the esteemed guests. The increasing and continuing demand on high quality mattresses in hotel industry, gives birth to our Hospitality Division.

We will craft a product to match your specific hospitality requirements, to meet the established specifications and budget parameters. Supplying renowned hotels worldwide with luxurious products from mattresses, bedding accessories and bed linens, PT DAP soon obtain the trust and credibility as one of the best mattress brand supplier in the industry.

All the products can be fully customized to match every specific hospitality requirements. Some of the most prestigious hotels have chosen our mattresses above any other mattress brands simply for its comfort, durability and value. We have shown full commitment throughout the years and present the very best hospitality service towards hotel guests, simply with comfortable and rejuvenating mattresses.

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Our R&D team is constantly trying to develop new and innovative products as we work closely with our principle brands in the USA. We consistently make investments into our highest quality mattresses, utmost comfort, supreme support, and most innovative features to ensure that every manufactured mattress delivers top-notch comfort and support. We also recurrently inspect all the finished materials and goods in which each mattresses has to meet our prerequisites and standards.

Through rigorous and continuous effort, we are setting ourselves as the world's standard of comfort. The incomparable resting experience has been our specialty and we do our utmost to achieve the best standard in every aspect.